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The Official HEROMAN Community

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The HEROMAN eljay community

Welcome to the dedicated, livejournal community of HEROMAN! If you'd like to discuss anything pertaining to the anime and/or manga, then please enjoy your stay! Join the community to post.

► Put any R-18 content (language, guro, etc.), spoilers, and long entries under a cut. Only ONE image that is 400x400 is allowed on a single post, anything larger than 400x400 needs to be under a cut [HOWTO]. Be respectable towards other members (douchbaggery will not be tolerated), and tag your entries. Fake cuts are fine. Let's keep it civil, people.

► Be certain that your posts are relevant to HEROMAN; no personal discussion or intro posts, please. Do not talk about random accounts that reminded you of HEROMAN, posts about what you should icon/write next, etc. This community is solely for posting discussion, anime, manga, doujin, fanworks, news, etc that are relevant to HEROMAN.

► Icon posts may ONLY have a maximum preview of four images. Please remember to tag entries like these as such.

► Posting Etiquette. This does not include graphics. Labeling is required for posts concerning fanworks. This organizes entries. This information is never put under a cut. Here is a template:

Character(s) or Pairing(s):

► Het, slash, etc are all welcomed here. Please be tolerant of what other people may like. :) BE NICE.

► If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of the mods here!

► Layout codes: spire. Layout icons: aki_hiko @ cutemilk
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